Friends and Ferraris: ESR Regional Director, Roland Veit

An Interview with Roland Veit – ESR Regional Director
(Reprinted with permission from Prancing Horse Magazine)

Friends and Ferraris might well be Roland Veit’s theme. In the late 1970s, a friend in his native Switzerland lent him a 308 GTB for a couple of weeks. Some friend! Roland said, “The GTB turned heads everywhere in and around the Alps. There was no speed limit back then, and I told my mom, ‘You have to experience this car at over 124­mph with me.’ She screamed the whole time.”

IMG_2012“But, the first Ferrari that truly grabbed me was the 360 Modena.” Days after buying one, his first Ferrari, Roland joined the FCA and headed for a track event at Watkins Glen. “Once on track, the instructor yelled at me the whole time, ‘Accelerate sooner! Brake later!’ I was convinced I’d joined a group of suicidal maniacs.” But next day, he found he was getting the hang of it, the instructor wasn’t yelling as much and he was having the time of his life. Dedicated to the track, he now has a 430 Challenge to satisfy his need for speed.

“FCA members I met at that first event have become some of my closest friends ever. The Club is really about people—people who share the passion for Ferrari and become close friends because of it.
“As Regional Director, I want to grow the membership and give others the chance to fully experience Ferraris and friendship. I believe offering a great calendar of events is key to retaining existing members and attracting new ones. Our goal is to double the number of events, adding inclusive, family ­friendly events that bring together members new and old. To make events more accessible, we’re working to establish Chapters that serve a more local membership. After all, the Empire State Region covers over 500 miles from Buffalo to the tip of Long Island!

“Ferrari’s Tribute to the Mille Miglia this year was the most incredible event I’ve ever experienced—the speed, the scenery, the roads, the food, the ambiance, the people. It was all the great things that Ferrari brings together. As Ferrari enthusiasts, we’re blessed to have great cars and great events—opportunities for us to share the passion and generate lasting friendships. That’s what the FCA is all about.”