Labor Day Weekend, 2014-08-30, Saturday: Crystal City Ferrari Show

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The Crystal City Ferrari Show is part of our yearly Labor Day Festivities at Corning, NY. It takes place at the Historic Downtown District on Market Street after a day of driving and racing at Watkins Glen International. This year’s Ferrari Show was attended by thousands, according to later official local police estimate. It was also covered in the Corning LEADER:


Visitors gawk at Crystal City Ferrari Show

By The Leader staff
Posted Aug. 30, 2014 @ 8:38 pm
Hundreds of people flocked to Market Street Saturday to gaze longingly at more than 30 Ferraris during the annual Crystal City Ferrari Show. This is the 13th consecutive year Corning has hosted the Ferrari show. Lin Kotlinski, of the Gaffer District, said the 38 cars that were expected was up slightly from last year.

Paul Mayo, president of the Upstate Chapter, Empire Region of the Ferrari Club of America, said his is one of only three Ferrari clubs in New York State and the only club west of the Hudson River.Mayo said his passion for Ferraris dates back to 1993 when he purchased his first Testarossa.“They are iconic,” Mayo said. “They are at the top of the pyramid. It’s the image people associate with movies and television. Everybody wants one. There’s a mystique about them.”

Onofrio Triarsi, who owns Ferrari dealerships in Tampa and Orlando and a restoration shop in New Jersey, compared Ferraris to a religious experience.

“Ferraris have a soul,” Triarsi said.

He said that Ferrari is the one car that can bring different types of people together.

The passion evoked by the classic cars was evident on Saturday, when people from all ages and walks of life gawked at the beautiful pieces of engineering.

Nicholas Wandell, 9, and Katie Wandell, 12, of Big Flats certainly appreciated the beauty of the vehicles. They may not have appreciated the horsepower the cars possessed, but they knew a sharp looking car when they saw one.

“They’re pretty cool,” Katie Wandell said. “I love the bright colors.”

Nicholas said he was partial to fire engine red cars, while Katie liked the canary yellow Ferraris.

Frankie Cole, 10, of Horseheads was one kid who knew exactly what he liked.

His father said Cole had been playing a racing video game featuring Ferraris  and had become quite an aficionado of  the automobiles.

“I want an F-430,” Cole said. “A red one with black stripes.”

This year guests were able to vote on the People’s Choice Award. Ballots were $1 apiece, with the proceeds benefiting the Corning San Giovanni Valdamo Sister City Committee student exchange program.

Vote results were not available at press time.


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