Long Island Chapter Holiday Party

The Long Island Chapter of the Empire State Region has been extremely active in 2019 with four rallies, dinner nights, car shows and have a great partnership with Ferrari of Long Island and have been invited to most of their events.  We have have had great growth in the chapter largely due to a “members only” rule for any event.  No one outside the club can participate unless they join and I get confirmation.   This creates a “buzz” out there that people want to be a part of.  We post everything related to our events and pretty much anything to do with Ferrari and the F1 team on social media:
Facebook page – Ferrari Club of America – Long Island Chapter and Instagram page @ferrariclubofamericali. 
This is working well for us and word gets around that we are a very active club and encourage people to drive their Ferraris rather than let them just sit in their garages.  

We just had our chapter’s third annual holiday party which has grown each year since we started doing our own parties in 2017.  55 people attended and we had a DJ with dancing and amazing food and most of all, great camaraderie!