2016-04-17 Bagels & Ferraris at AutoSport Designs

Thanks again for bringing the group to Autosport this past weekend. That was a pretty incredible gathering in our lot and I’m glad we were able to squeeze everyone in!

As part of that thank you as well as our desire to work more closely with Empire Region of the FCA, we’d like to extend a 10% discount on any service or product that we offer (sorry not for sales cars J). Just have them call Derek Vibal, our service manager and mention the FCA event and we’re happy to extend the discount.

May of the members were also checking out some of the Collectibles and Junior Cars we had on display. To that end we’d like to extend the same 10% discount on any of our items found at www.autosportoriginals.com. All that needs to be done is to apply discount code “thankyoufca” during checkout.

I’ve included links to our most popular items below as well as contact info for Derek. We’d appreciate it if you could forward this along to the club.

Thanks again and look forward to hosting everyone in the near future.

All the best,
Autosport Designs Team

David Cohen
Autosport Designs, Inc.
Lotus Motorcars of Long Island


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