2024 Events in Hudson Valley Chapter

In 2024 the Hudson Valley Chapter will be holding two Cavallini e Caffe (Horses and Coffee) events each month from April to November at 9 AM. The first Sunday of each month we will be at Eastdale which is located on Rt 44 just 7 miles west of the Rt 44/Taconic State Parkway exit. It’s an easy and fun drive from anywhere. The third Sunday will see you at a new venue in Westchester County, 1600 Veloce, 859 Peach Lake Road, North Salem, NY 10560.  This location is a full-service shop with loads of paved parking. They are close to Hayfield’s at the corner of Peach Lake and Bloomer Roads.  Mark your calendars now for the C & C events of 2024 that begin on April 7 at Eastdale and April 21 at 1600 Veloce.  

Please see our calendar for full event dates for the remainder of the year!