Matthew McCready

My obsession for cars started as a kid, my introduction to Ferrari started when I was 22. Growing up I passed the Ferrari dealership on the high way almost everyday, and everyday I would ask my self what does one have too do in life to own one of these beautiful machines. Since a kid I knew I always wanted to start my own business, But I wanted to serve my country too.

I enlisted in the Marines right out of high school in 2008. After two tours in Afghanistan I got out in 2012, more motivated then ever. I had saved roughly $40,000 while in the military & was determined to start my own company. I was young, unknowledgeable & immature to the business world. I was taken advantage of, I trusted the wrong people & was scammed out of My full savings. All my money was gone, I hit rock bottom.

I then got a job as a security guard for minimum wage and tried to save up as much as I could. One day on my way to work I passed the Ferrari dealership on the LIE, I turned around & decided to walk in. The goal was to find motivation.  Well I found it… fast. Even the receptionist at the front desk who told me “no pictures” before greeting me, gave me motivation. I walked out of there amazed at what a company could do and produce. My love for cars is what started my business. I now install residential and commercial grade epoxy floors for car enthusiasts. I fell in love with what I did. Every single night I would go on auto trader, research a new model Ferrari, see how much it costs knowing I couldn’t afford it & wake up more determined. In 2016 I bought my first house, in 2019 I bought my first 458 Italia at 28 years old. No hand outs !