My name is Bill McElveney. I am a FCA Empire State Region WNY Chapter founding member.

My introduction into the world of Ferrari began in the mid 1980’s when my daughter Jennifer, (10) and son Joe, (8) asked to decorate their rooms with Ferrari posters and photos. This request was certainly much less expensive than the real thing, so I agreed saying OK! The journey was about to begin even though the real thing was not given the slightest thought of becoming a reality until twenty years later. In 2000 I started researching the Ferrari 360 Modena learning as much as possible about the car and Ferrari itself. Research continued until late 2005 when the F430 was introduced. I knew this was “The Car”. A Frank Stephenson design influenced by Phil Hill’s Shark nose front, the Dino front fenders and Enzo tail end. In January 2006 I purchased a brand new 2006 Ferrari F430 F1 GTB with many factory options. I was so enamored with this vehicle I asked myself what other models does Ferrari offer.

The research process began again, two years later I purchased a 1998 355 F1 GTB followed a year later with the purchase of my third Ferrari in four years, a 1989 328 GTS. Since I was not able to gather very much info on the 328 I decided to reach out by phone to the Editor of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine regarding any past articles. He said “why do you ask”? I replied that I owned three Ferraris covering three generations, the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s purchased in reverse succession. The editor said I see a story here, most purchase their cars in progression in order to have the latest & greatest!! I was then asked if I would be interested in meeting with a writer and a photographer to begin an article process. My answer, YES, Absolutely! Arrangements were made and the Hemmings team headed to Rochester, NY. A full Monday was spent, morning to night gathering the words and photos that provided the essence of the January 2014 Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine issue highlighting V8 Ferraris on the Front Cover and 8 page interior feature story article. These vehicles are amazing, spectacular, fantastic, awesome and magnificent pieces of Italian art and design.
Forza Ferrari!!!